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Waiver: I understand that there is assumed risk that may be incurred in dog training, even when the utmost care
is taken, and therefore I will hold Good Dog Day Care, fellow classmates, and all associates of the training
facility harmless of any injury that may occur during training on the training grounds and immediate surrounding areas. I
expressly assume the implied risk and the responsibility for my dog or the dog I am training while attending the training
session or any other function of the organization. New covid-19 safety protocols require: Wearing of Masks. One dog/one handler. 6ft social distance maintained. Dogs on leash (unless trainer permits otherwise.).Coming in to and leaving in single file. If my dog has been coughing, lethargic or had diarrhea within 48 hours I will not bring dog. If I am feeling unwell, have a fever or cough, I will not attend. I will advise trainer and or GDDC of this situation. GDDC uses accelerated hydrogen peroxide indoors as primary disinfectant. I understand that despite all steps taken by this facility, there is a heightened risk of communicable disease and will not hold GDDC, it owners, or business partners liable for any injury / disease I or my dog might develop as a consequence of voluntarily coming on to the premises.

Payment is preferred by credit card. Please call to provide payment information prior to first class. There are no refunds for classes within 24 hours prior to the start date and time or thereafter. If in-person classes have to cease due to circumstances beyond our control (including COVID-19 restrictions), the class will continue online until completion. 


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