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Our Facility

We visited dozens of dog day care facilities and talked with owners about their design and material choices.  Then, we integrated the best ideas into our new facility – Good Dog Day Care.  We think the finished product speaks for itself and reflects the extra care we put into developing a safe, clean playground and bedroom for your best friend.

Our Play Space:

We brought the outdoors in so we could offer the benefits of play year round.

Our rubber floor is cleaner and safer than concrete. Our potty area is K9 grass, a specialized artificial turf for dogs, offering antimicrobial properties and superior cleaning abilities.

We use vinyl fencing for ease of cleaning, sight separation, and sound dampening. And, we’ve increased the ventilation to ensure fresh air.

Our Support Space:

We have also designed our Support Area (nap areas and training areas) to promote a clean environment.  Dog food prep has a designated area.  We have on site laundry facilities.  And, our grooming room has two specialized tubs for keeping your best friend fresh and clean.  We have invested in a state of the art cleaning system from Aqua-Air.  This centralized wet/vac system uses less water than the traditional ‘hose-down’ methods that most kennels use.  Aqua-Air allows us to eliminate the mop and bucket, because a bucket of mop water is really only clean once.  With Aqua-Air, we can spray our specialized cleaning agent and vacuum it up in a single motion.