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A Happy Dog is a Good Dog

We all get cabin fever when we’re stuck at our desk all day. The same thing happens to our dogs. Sometimes they sleep through the day and we find them bouncing off the walls when we arrive home. Other times, their energy is spent in mischievous ways – chewing your sports shoe, digging up the flower bed.

At Good Dog Day Care, we’ll help you put your dog on your schedule, so your commute home is not filled with anxiety wondering what will greet you at the door. We provide an outlet for your dog’s energy with play buddies, games, and fun. We help break the cycle of boredom and enrich your dog’s day so that when you’re ready to relax, he’s able to calm down.

You can be worry free when your dog is with us. Our facility is clean, safe and secure. Our play area features a rubber floor to prevent injuries during play. As an indoor facility, your dog can play year round off leash under the supervision of experienced dog lovers

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