Qualifications for Day Care/Boarding:

1) Please fill out our application.

2) Dogs must be at least 4 months old.

3)Provide proof of current on vaccinations for:

  • Rabies,
  • Distemper
  • Bordatella.

We accept titers as an alternative to vaccinations.  Guest dogs must be in good health and flea/tick free.  Dogs that have contracted a contagious disease within the last 30 days must have clearance from a veterinarian prior to boarding or attending daycare.

4) Dogs should have a current license.

5) Schedule an appointment for a tour of Good Dog Day Care and an evaluation.

How does the evaluation process work?

There are three parts to the evaluation.  First, we do a hands on test with your dog to insure the safety of the staff.  This includes putting our hand in your dogs mouth, touching their four paws, and giving them a hug.  The second part is to observe your dog viewing other dogs through a fence.  The third step is you to evaluate Good Dog Day Care.  You need to have confidence in the care being provided to your dog.

Half Day Temperament Test for Day Care is required.  Test is $20
(half day evaluation is not required for boarding)

What is temperament testing? 

The requirements for a dog to participate in day care is more stringent than for boarding.  Doggy daycare is designed for social, outgoing dogs who like to play with other dogs.  A typical day involves meeting, greeting, and interacting with a variety of unfamiliar dogs.  Many dogs thrive on constant social interaction.  But, some dogs don’t understand or even like to be put into this type of situation.  We want all of our guests to enjoy a safe, fun-filled day with us.  A temperament test is the process we use to determine if your dog is a good candidate for daycare.

What happens during the temperament test?

Your application provides history about your dog’s routine, personality and special care.  After the tour/evaluation, we’ll discuss the “Day Care Temperament Evaluation”  and schedule it.  This evaluation usually runs from 8:00am to 2:00pm.  It allows us to introduce your dog to a playgroup and experience the naptime process. Once we have some baseline observations to go by, we will make a recommendation. You will have facts to use in deciding if our Day Care and processes are beneficial to you and your best friend.  If all goes well, your dog is welcome to  future daycare and boarding.

What happens if your dog is not suitable for daycare?

We are mindful of the safety, health, and enjoyment of every guest.  Occasionally, we meet a dog that is not a good candidate for a daycare setting.  There are a variety of reasons for this – sometimes a dog is very shy, sometimes they lack good play skills, sometimes they are frightened or aggressive.  If your dog is not accepted into our daycare program, we will be happy to recommend a trainer who can help you address specific concerns.  We warmly welcome you to schedule a follow-up interview when you feel that your dog is ready for a daycare environment.

Please fill out our application below:

About You —







Home Phone

Work Phone

Cell Phone

Your Email

Alternative/emergency contact —

Emergency Contact Name



About Your Dog —

Dog's Name





Age when fixed?

Age when Acquired?

Where From?

Diet (name of food) and feeding schedule (how much and how often?):

Training history?

Is your dog Crate trained?

Is your dog food motivated?

On walks, your dog is...

Is your dog allowed to run free in the home?


Is your dog allowed to run free in a fenced yard?


How does your dog play off-leash with other dogs?


Is your dog allowed on furniture at home?


Has your dog jumped over a fence in the yard?


Has your dog ever been on any agility equipment?


Does your dog share food/toys with others?

Does your dog have stress or anxiety about being left alone or with strangers?


Is your dog afraid of any breeds of dogs? If so, what kind?

How does your dog react to puppies/cats?

How does your dog react to children?

Has your dog ever growled/snapped at anyone taking away food/toys? If yes, please explain.

How does your dog react when strangers approach the home, yard or out in public?

Has your dog ever growled at someone? If yes, what circumstances?

Has your dog ever bitten another animal or person? If yes, what circumstances?

How much exercise is your dog presently getting?

Is your dog sensitive about any body parts listed? (Tail, hindquarters, paws, nails clipped, being brushed...) If so, please explain.

Are there any physical problems (IE: hip dysplasia) or disabilities that may affect your dog in daycare?

Does your dog have any allergies? If yes, please list.

Medical history (past injuries etc) and any current medications:

What flea preventative do you use and how often?

Your dog is happiest when he/she is:

What is the main reason you have chosen daycare for your dog?

Please tell us anything else we need to know about your dog(s) to ensure their comfort while under our care:

How did you hear about Good Dog Day Care?

Print AdSaw usFlier/newsletterGoogleYelpword of mouth

Referral (Please tell us who so we can thank them)

Veterinarian Info —










Credit card on file with Veterinarian?


As Owner of the dog(s) listed above here, I hereby give consent for emergency medical care as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve Life, limb or overall well-being of my pet(s)


Print Name


Please provide a recent vaccination statement to verify that your dog is current on Rabies, Distemper (DLPP) and Bordatella. (Titers are acceptable). If you don’t have a current copy, your Veterinarian’s office can scan and email it to [email protected]. If they need to fax they will need to call ahead at:

Filetypes accepted: PDF, DOC, DOCX.

Good Dog Day Care Policies —

1. Temperament: All dogs must complete a temperament evaluation. GDDC reserves the right to refuse any dog that might be a safety hazard to itself, other dogs in our care, or staff members. This includes but is not limited to, dogs who are aggressive, anti-social, toy or people aggressive, anxious or physically ill. We will accept intact females on a trial basis, but no females in heat are permitted. Male dogs should be neutered by 7 months (exceptions on case by case basis). Well behaved Bully Breeds that have passed evaluation may be allowed under strict supervision. They may be prohibited from play groups at the discretion of GDDC.

2. Age: Dogs should be at least 4 months of age.

3. Vaccinations: All dogs must have current vaccination including Rabies, Bordatella and Distemper AKA DHLLP- Before they will be allowed on the premises. Titers are acceptable.

4. Flea Protection: It is recommended that you use a flea prevention protocol. Dogs with fleas will be barred from the facility until the problem has been successfully addressed.

5. Heartworm: Because your dog will be mixing with others, it is a good idea to have your dog on veterinarian approved heartworm preventative.

6. Collars, Leashes, Licenses and Barking: All dogs must be on leash when entering and exiting the premises. Please do not allow your dog to be vocal on the way in. We understand that dogs “talk” when they are excited and may be eager to come in and play, but we need to be good neighbors and minimize outside noise. Hayward Animal Control Dept. has access to this facility and our records on demand. It is a good idea to have your dog properly licensed in accordance with your residence City’s requirements.

7. Service fees: Payment is expected at the time service is rendered. We accept cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.Credit cards are preferred to reduce handling.

8. Hours of Operation: M-F-open at 7:00am, Close at 7:00pm. Closed during naptime: 10:30am-2:00 pm. Sat/Sun; open 8:00am, close at 7:00pm Closed during naptime: 10:30 am-2:00 pm. No early or late services offered at this time.

9. Equipment and Use of Facility: The toys, bedding equipment etc. are intended solely for use by dogs, employees and or contractors of GDDC.

10. Boarding cancellations must be received at least 72 hours prior to start
date or there will be a $25 per pet fee. Holiday periods require 9 days prior notice or the
cancellation fee is equal to the first nights charge. Three night minimum for Holiday stays.

By signing below, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms put forth here by Good Dog Day Care.

Client Signature (required)

Date (required)

Hold Harmless Release —

Good Dog day Care, its owners, employees, representatives or any other person(s) affiliated with the company shall hereinafter be referred to as GDDC. By signing this form, you: (print name) ,Hereinafter referred to as CLIENT, agree not to hold GDDC liable or sue for any injuries to and/or death of your dog(s) : (List dogs) while on the premises for recreation, boarding, training and/or in the care of GDDC.

Although GDDC screens all dogs for temperament, does not take aggressive dogs and watches dogs carefully and provides a healthy and safe environment for your dog, GDDC cannot guarantee the behavior of any dog. Consequently, cannot guarantee that your dog will not be exposed to the risk of injury or death for reasons including, but not limited to aggressive behavior by other dogs. I understand that when dogs play together, there is an inherent risk of injury or death. By signing this agreement, I agree that I will not hold GDDC responsible for injuries to my dog(s) and / or death that may occur in and out of the facility or during indoor or outdoor recreational play.

I also understand that the non-slip rubber floor, while providing a very good playing surface, may cause blisters, abrasions or scrapes to appear on the pads of my dog(s) feet. Also, some dogs pads may be sensitive to the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectant used throughout the facility. If the staff of GDDC notices my dog(s) limping, favoring or licking a paw, they will make a reasonable attempt to reduce activity levels, but are not liable or responsible for such injuries. Furthermore, I understand that abrasions, nicks, scratches or mucous found on my dog after daycare or boarding would be a normal consequence of play and interacting with other dogs and will not hold GDDC liable for such wounds or injuries.

If, in my absence, my dog should become ill or injured, or need veterinary care, GDDC has my permission to consult with my veterinarian and I realize GDDC will make a reasonable effort to bring my dog to my veterinarian or emergency animal clinic. I understand that I am responsible for all veterinary costs, including the transportation of my pet to and from the veterinarian and /or clinic.

I understand and agree that my dog(s) needs to be brought in and out of the facility on leash. GDDC makes every effort to ensure the safety of all the dogs on premises and if my dog should get loose or lost outside, I will not hold GDDC responsible.

I understand and agree that while at GDDC, my dog(s) will be routinely asked to “come” , “sit”, “stay”, “off” and informally exposed to toys and equipment such as tunnels, jump bars, and balls. GDDC also employs the use of treats, redirection, brief on-lead time and /or time outs to get compliance from dogs and curb unwanted behavior such as barking, mounting or overly rambunctious behavior.

I hereby declare that my dog(s) is not known to be aggressive toward other dogs or people. If my dog is aggressive while at GDDC, I agree to pay all medical bills associated with the incident including those related to injuries to my dog, injuries to other dogs resulting from the incident, and injuries to people or equipment related to the incident.

I hereby declare that my animal has not been exposed to any communicable diseases within the last 30 days and is fully vaccinated in accordance with GDDC policy. Covid-19 addendum:I understand that covid-19 protocols require*wearing of masks. One/dog/one handler. Keeping 6ft form others when on GDDC property either outside or in. Dogs are on leash or harness. If my dog has had coughing or Diarrhea or been “lethargic” within 48 hours I will not bring dog onto the premises. If I am not feeling well, have a fever or cough I will not enter the facility or come onto the premises. I understand that GDDC uses an accelerated hydrogen peroxide as a primary disinfectant. I permit GDDC to use this product in diluted form to wipe down my dog’s belongings and high contact areas on my dogs as well.

If I choose to leave items with GDDC,(IE: a bed or blanket) I will properly identify them in writing (or via an ID tag). GDDC may use permanent marker or other non-removable methods to ID my belongings. I understand that GDDC cannot be held responsible for lost, dirty, damaged or destroyed belongings left at the facility.

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I understand and accept the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Your Signature (please write your name)


Boarding — What to bring with you:

Leash and collar:

We will store them for you, so that you can easily bring your dogs in and out of the facility on leash as



Your pup will be in new environment and changing their food at the same time might lead to tummy troubles-
please bring enough of what they usually have to cover their stay with us. (We do have food here in case we
run through yours). To cut down on plastic, we prefer if you can bring a bag or container rather than individual
baggies and we will portion it out according to your instructions. Please make sure we have portions and mix and
brand (IE: cup of kibble(Nutro grain free) with tblspn wet and a drizzle of warm water all mixed together).
This info should be noted on your application and will minimize the check in time.

Special snacks or treats: We do have plenty of snacks and treats, however, if your dog requires a specific brand or type you should bring
it along. Please make sure to note any food allergies if present. We do not allow rawhide items as treats, we
worry of choking or blockage occurring with rawhide.


Please bring something that smells like home to them IE: a pillow case, an unwashed t-shirt etc. If they have a
favorite bed and will be more comfortable on that-feel free to bring it along (or opt to use one of ours-we have many). If they usually
sleep in a crate at night, we can put yours in their kennel if that will make them more comfy.


Please do not bring any toys (unless they are for sleeping with only) Any toy that makes it way to the playspace gets used by all dogs, may get chewed up and
probably won’t be returned (too hard for us to keep track of others toys).
In any event please do not bring a favorite toy that cannot be replaced-some of those retrievers have been known to sneak/grab a toy from a different kennel.


Medications: we can administer most medications including Insulin shots(must bring sharps container for safe needle disposal).
All medication must be marked with dogs first and last name, dosage, how often and when to give it, name of medication and what condition it is for.