About Us

Good Dog Day Care Philosophy

  • Let Dogs be Dogs.
  • Let them be goofy.
  • Let them play.
  • Let them stretch out for a belly rub.

Good Dog Day Care provides a safe place to play, where dogs can be at ease with their fellow dogs. We establish cooperation with the dogs in our care by learning about their individual characteristics, their personalities, and what works best for them.  We develop trust with you by providing an enriched environment for your best friend.

Not just a reward, — a prescription for good behavior.
One technique we use to gain cooperation is positive reinforcement. People love compliments.  It’s nice to be praised for doing a good job. Your dog enjoys this as well.  By treating your dog with small tidbits or a round of tug with a toy, we reward your dog for good behavior.  And, positive reinforcement builds a positive environment.

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