Dog Day Care-room for everybodyDog Day Care-room for everybody

A year ago we were planning our opening and I invited every dog day care owner in the bay area that I knew of. Their responses were interesting. several were confused as to why I would invite a “competitor” into my place, another welcomed me into the wonderful world of caring for other people’s dogs. One of the suspicious ones commented on my floors. they loved the custom flooring I had put in. I emailed him the invoice for the flooring. He was shocked, why would I let him know how much I paid for it and where I got etc.? Didn’t I realize my beautiful rubber floor could be a competitive advantage? well yes, I suppose if I ere in this to beat out everyone else I would have guarded my resources, but that’s not why We are doing this. I am in this because I am tired of the search for the competitive edge. It seems simple to me – Do what I love, do it as well as I am able and share the wealth-be it knowledge, resources or actual funding options…If I end up having to walk away form this endeavor I will be able to do so on my beliefs and terms this time. there is room for all of us.