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At Good Dog Day Care we offer the four paws of canine care: Day Care, Boarding, Training and Bathing.

            We’ve put together an outstanding facility that provides a clean, safe play area for your best friend.  We encourage you to come for a tour and see all the love and care your buddy will receive.  The owners and staff are educated on canine behavior and specialist in providing for the comfort and enjoyment of your furry friend.  


Early Socialization and Training:

Puppy Socials: If you have a less-than-5-month-old puppy and know that you should be doing the early socialization that your pup needs to develop healthy behaviors and be well adjusted-come by for our Puppy Socials on Saturdays from 11am to noon. $10 at the door-must bring vaccinations reflecting pup is two weeks past first Dhhp.

Basic Manners and Obedience Classes  5 One- hour sessions  fee: $145 

Basic Manners Starting Thursday Evenings beginning Sept 18th @ 7:15pm  

Basic Manners Training Level 2  Thursday Evenings beginning Sept 18th @ 8:15pm

At Good Dog Day Care, we want to help your dog become a well-mannered companion.  Using the most effective training tools, your dog will build confidence and be enthusiastic about learning a variety of behaviors (sit, down, stay, settle, come, leave it, leash manners, go to your mat & more ). You will learn how to prevent behavior problems before they start.   Taught by Cheryl Collett, CTC    


Nose work & Odor classes    Monday Evenings      Class fee: $125

If your dog enjoys smelling things, they can have fun doing it as a sport. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can participate. It mentally challenges your dog. They are more focused and balanced. This is a fun sport for you and your dog. We begin training the dogs to search for food or a toy, depending on your dog’s desire. We use boxes to begin with and then move to various containers as the dogs realize the search is not about the environment but the food or toy. Taught by Certified Trainer: Josette Kimes

Please see “Training Section” under “Our Services” for individual class details.


We are located in Hayward, CA next to Union City.  If you commute from Oakland to Fremont or San Jose to San Leandro, you will find us just blocks from Highway 880.  For those of you that to travel to Palo Alto, Redwood City or San Carlos, our Whipple Road Exit is conveniently located halfway between the Dumbarton and San Mateo Bridges.